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Top 10 Diet and Exercise Myths that makes it hard to loose Weight


Top 10 Fitness and diet myths you might be wrong about

The fact is that you will find a lot of information on the internet about weight training, nutrition and diets so here are the most important things people are mostly wrong about.

Be better than the average Joe and learn the details that can mean the difference between loosing weight and gaining it.

The reverse of the coin is that if you are too much into theory and taking no action you will fail.You need to know what works and what doesn’t and the go and do whatever it takes for you to reach you goals.


 Exercise Myth Number 1: Stretching before a workout is crucial

WRONG! Many experts and studies suggest that, while stretching after a workout may be beneficial, it is not the case for before doing exercise.

By stretching your muscles before exercise you may destabilize you muscles even more which is not good, especially for weight training.

Instead do a warm-up before working out and you will feel ready to lift any weight :-)

Yoga exercises are great stretching exercises for your body and mind and perfect for the GM diet.


Exercise Myth Number 2: Crunches will shed belly fat

No, they will not! Crunches are for exercising your abdominal muscles to make them bigger, but they will not be seen until you get rid of that belly fat.

The only way to get rid of belly fat is to do cardio and loose fat proportionally on your entire body.The most recommended way of shedding fat in the entire body is by lifting weights and doing cardio coupled with a good diet.

The secret is to burn  and eat less calories so that your body will need to use the fat deposited as a source of energy.

Diet  Myth Number 3: Vegetarian diets are healthier than those including meat

Even though a vegetarian diet  might be beneficial for a short period of time it is not recommended as a permanent  lifestyle because cutting out an entire food group  might induce an iron deficiency. The vegetarian diet might be good for cleansing purposes and weight loss but it is really hard to get all the needed macro-nutrients like protein from a veggie only diet.

We are made to be omnivore so the most optimal diet is a varied one that has both meat and vegetables.

Diet and Exercise Myth Number 4: You Should Never Eat Before a Workout

Not true at all! Eating about an hour or two before a workout is actually recommended because you need the energy and the protein to be able to perform well, shed fat and build healthy muscle.

You need some “premium fuel” to boost your energy levels.Choose something healthy like some fruit, yogurt, or whole wheat toast, maybe even a whey protein shake.

Diet Myth Number 5: Fresh fruit is better than frozen fruit

Most fresh fruits are kept in storage for a long time before hitting the supermarket shelf so they will loose a proportional amount of vitamins, especially vit C .Instead, fruits are frozen when they are fresh so that they keep all the vitamins intact and also make for a good icy smoothie.

A good example in this case would be fruits high in antioxidants, that loose some of the antioxidant proprieties if left too much in storage(berries)

Diet Myth Number 6: Fat is bad for you – no matter what type

There is no way to stop consuming any type of fat and stay healthy. There are essential fats that help in basic body functions and will even help with shedding the unwanted body fat.

What are the good fats? You can find them in avocado, fish, nuts as opposed to the unhealthy ones that are saturated or manufactured.

Diet Myth Number 7: If you eat healthy you will loose weight

Even though a diet rich in vegetables and with no fast food will help you loose weight you should remember that a calorie is a calorie no matter the source of it. So if you eat too much of a healthy food, like oatmeal, the calories will add up.

You must be aware of the portion sizes and the general caloric intake for each day.

You can eat only one big mac a day and loose weight or eat lots of healthy food high in calories and gain weight.But that doesn’t mean you should eat fast-food!

Exercise  Myth Number 8: Exercise turns fat into muscle

Not true! Deposited fat will be used as a source of energy while working out because you will consume much more callories and the body will need to get some fuel from the body fat. In the same time you will gain some  muscle (girls gain a lot less muscle)  and so appears the illusion that the fat is turned into muscle.

Exercise  Myth Number 9: Girls will get muscular after weight training

Males have up to 20 times more testosterone than women, which is the main internal factor in muscle growth.So girls that lift will only loose weight and tone their muscles.

Diet Myth Number 10 : Eating late at night will make you gain weight

We usually tend to eat more at night because we don’t have time in the day or that is how we feel more comfortable, that is why the impression that you can gain more fat if eating late is created. It is recommended to eat more during the day so that you will not concentrate all the food in one meal.


If you separate your eating quantities in more portions throughout the day you will stop gaining fat so fast.

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