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GM diet vegetarian



GM diet for vegetarians

The standard GM diet implies the consumption of meat after the 4th day and that may be not an option for many of you. Thankfully there is a solution that will help vegetarians and vegans to keep going all the 7 days of this amazing diet.

One of the most remarkable things concerning this vegetarian variation is that the weight loss process might actually be more effective thanks to the consumption of meatless foods.

Vegetarian/vegan version of the GM diet

While the original diet was allowing you to eat beef this time we have to change the meat with something with approximately the same nutritional value that can help you restore the needed amounts of iron and protein in you body.

This diet is perfect for people with diabetes!

Yes it is true, but however you should consult your medic and be carefull with the insuline levels all the time.

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For vegans you want to replace skimmed milk for something else like soy milk ,or even remove it entirely from the diet and replace it with fruits.

How should we prepare for this diet properly? 


If you are a vegetarian then the preparation step is not important because your body is already used to eating low fat foods and the change won’t be so dramatic. Remember that if you have just finished another diet have a period of rest for about 2 day so that you can restore the body sources of energy.

bruce lee wataaa
No alcohol before or while on the GM diet, this is valid for both vegetarians and standard followers.

Alcohol will inhibit the body capacity for detoxification  because you will produce more uric acid and the process of cleansing through diet will be greatly reduced in effectiveness.

Instead of alcohol you should consume a lot of water for a few days before and also on each day of diet to keep the detoxification process at it’s maximum and help you lose some weight. Water is a natural metabolic enhancer and will help you lose the extra pounds quickly.

Remember that during the diet you are not allowed to eat bread.

What are the substitutes for beef in the Vegetarian diet?

Brown rice is the best substitute for this diet  that will help you get the carbohydrates, proteins and iron needed after the cleansing period.

Another great replacement for meat is cottage cheese but some of you might be vegans and this might not be an option.

If you want to replace skimmed milk for something else then soy milk is the option for you.


Here is a great video with the 5 biggest mistakes you can do as a vegetarian:

The 7 day plan for vegetarian GM diet

This plan is customizable  and you can adjust the foods and tweak the eating plan until you are comfortable, but remember, if you want to loose weight you have to reduce your caloric intake.

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Day 1 – Fruity love

  • You should stick to the initial plan for the GM diet and eat ONLY fruits for the entire day
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water(especially in summer) about 10 + glasses for cleansing the body inside out
  • Do NOT eat bananas

Day 2- Old vegan friends

  • This day is dedicated to the vegetables only and are allowed to eat any type of veggie 
  • Eat only a potato in the morning for the needed carbohydrates
  • Drink wataaa!

Day 3 – Fruits and veggies mix for the happy vegetarian :-)

  • Eat only fruits and vegetables the entire day
  • don’t eat banana or potato
  • Return of the WATAAA!

Day 4 – Banana : shake the weight

  • Drink banana shakes ( obviously)  whenever possible
  • You can drink milk/ greek yogurt or choose a vegan approach and choose the soy milk
  • If you want to replace milk for something else then pick some healthy fruits and forget the milk

Day 5 – Brown rice, you are nice!

  • The nice brown rice will help you not only replenish the amounts of carbohydrates needed but also fulfill the need for protein
  • Eat tomatoes with brown rice for the added benefits of lycopene  and cleansing proprieties
  • One or two cups of rice are enough for the entire day(if you are hungry eat more tomatoes)

Day 6  – Brown rice and some veggies

  • eat only a cup of brown rice combined with vegetables for the entire day
  • eat as many veggies as possible

Day 7 – Let the juices flow!

  • Eat brown rice again(a cup) with vegetables
  • Drink fruit juice along with raw fruits
  • don’t eat bananas or potatoes

By the last day of this vegetarian diet you should have lost about 10 pounds if not more and you should feel a lot lighter

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