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GM diet tips for a better health

Tips for Any diet

If you feel like the diet isn’t working for you maybe there are some things you have done wrong.Or there may some that you haven’t done at all.

This guide is going to help you with getting the most out of this diet.The interesting fact is that these tips will not only help you in this diet, but in watever diet you may choose to follow and even when you are not dieting.

What not to do when on a diet

1.Don’t eat fruits after a consistent meal

  • It is necesasary to eat the fruits at least half an hour before a meal
  • Fruits are better consumed on an empty stomach because they are digested fast by some enzymes that are not present in your stomach after you eat anything else.
  • If you eat them with other tipe of foods the fruits will start to rot in your stomach because they can’t be decomposed by the enzymes and you will not get the same amount of nutritional value

2.Don’t exercise immediately after you have eaten

  • This may cause some pressure on your stomach and you may even get gastro intestinal refux which will make you a flame thrower.fruit diet stomach problems
  • My suggestion is to wait at least half an hour befor you start any form of exercise

3.Don’t starve yourself

  • It is never good to starve yourself, but don’t think that if you are a little hungry you are going to die.
  • If you are a fatty then you maybe used with huge quantities of food and following a diet may seem hard, but the most diets(including GM diet) will not have you die of hunger.
  • Don’t try to eat much less than the diet recommends.

4.Remove unhealthy foods from your surroundings

  • If all your family eats unhealthy foods and you are covered in pizza there is a higher chance to cheat on your diet :-)
  • So what you should do is cleanup your kitchen and get rid of any fast food and unhealthy(but tasty food)

What to do on a diet

1.Eat before you go food shopping

  • This is very important because it will greatly affect  your will to choose only the healthy food instead of the unhealthy but tasty food
  • Remember to always make a list for grocery shopping and STICK with it!

2.Drink water before the meal(not after)

  • By drinking water after a meal you will dilute the stomach acids and ability to digest food so it will take much longer to be of water
  • If you drink enough  water 20 minutes before a meal then you will not feel the thirst after.
  • For very salty and dry foods it is actually recommended to drink water even after(but only a little)

3.Exercise is essential

  • Even if the diet doesn’t mention any tipe of exercise this is a daily needed activity that will help you o many plans.So do it!
  • You don’t need to go too hard at first.
  • It is actually recommended that you only walk(half an hour or more)  for the first few days

4.Choose unprocessed foods

  • if you ever heard of the Paleo Diet then you should know that the basic principle of healthy eating is not buying processed foods.
  • By processed foods i mean those that are made by adding chemical compounds and preservatives to last longer  on the shelf.
  • If you cook them in home they are not processed and probably much more healthy than those found in shopping centres.