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Gm diet reviews and testimonials – does it work?

3-week-diet-resultsGeneral Motors Diet Results

Usually people don’t experience results as amazing as these after following a normal diet but in this case i have a few video testimonials and emails sent to me by people who have finished the 7 days of the diet.



I lost 4 pounds from day 1

This amazing testimonial proves the efficiency of the General Motors diet and that it really is working wonders.

Want an even better diet than the GM one week? Try the improve 3 week by our nutritionist!


This diet seems to work!

This is a review for the day 5 of the GM plan

The final days of the GM diet

Great results as expected

The next review is one that got emailed to me after asking for a realistic story on the GM diet. I actually met with George not so long  and he is really athletic now in comparison with what he showed me in some  pictures of his chubby old self. 

How i Lost 15 lbs in 7 days


My name is George and i am really excited to tell you how i have found this amazing diet.

Not such a long time ago i was a really chubby guy, actually pretty fat and that got me in trouble regarding my relationships(especially with girls).

That’s when i decided to make the change to a healthy lifestyle.

I wanted fast weight loss results (and i got them)

In the beginning wanted really fast results to keep me motivated by what i see in the mirror, on the scale and also i wanted my friends to become amazed about how fast i lost those pounds.

For a few weeks i didn’t know what to do and i was trying not to eat fast food, but it didn’t work as expected.

One day i stumbled upon an article about a “miracle diet” that could make you loose 10 to 17 lbs in 7 days!

It seemed pretty unrealistic so i passed on. My luck was that 2 days later i met with an old friend that told me that he follows this amazing diet and made him loose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Then it struck me! I had to try it, even though i haven’t dieted in my entire life.

He told me it was made for the employees of the General Motors company and is very efficient.

In that one week of following the diet plan i felt i was more ambitious than ever and nothing could stop me.

I followed all the tips available and in the day 7 i felt like floating. The only bad part was in the first few days when i kinda got hungry and barely managed to get past them only with fruits and vegetables.

Now i do this diet once every month and it’s much  easier than before. The best benefit is that my social life has improved along with my self discipline.So i recommend this diet from the bottom of my heart!

All the best,


As you can see this is an amazing GM diet review  that shows the effectivness of the diet, but remember that you must  be disciplined and stick with the diet mentality.

Now i have another surprise for you. But this time it comes from one of this site readers.

She wanted her name to stay anonymous so i can’t tell you much about her, just that she is a 28 year old american girl that recently changed her life entirely by loosing 25 lbs in 2 weeks before her wedding.

I feel amazing when i know that my site really helped someone. That is why i hope as many people as possible will share it so that we cand make as many people as possible.

Here is her short gm review:

At first i didn’t even think about dieting but i was in a desperate need of loosing some fat.

My wedding was going to happen in a few weeks and all my friends suggested me to follow a diet and loose some weight, but i got offended and mad.

I was upset that they thought i was fat. The fact is i really was and i saw that when i tried the wedding dress!

From that moment on i was determined to eat healthy and even become fit, but i really wanted to be slim until my wedding.before and after GM diet

My bridesmaid found this site and told me she has found a fast way that seemed the best choice for me (i really like fruits) 😀

I was so determined to loose weight fast that i followed the diet 2 times! 

So in the 2 weeks until my wedding i followed the gm diet two times in a row and the results were amazing. 

I had to change the dress because it was to big for me  . My husband was even happier than me, probably because i lost weigh without losing my tities :P. He shouted the loudest “YES” i have heard on a wedding until then.

I write this review  in my honeymoon and i am really thankful  to your website for sharing this amazing diet.

Hugs and kisses to you XOXOXO (hope my husband doesn’t see this) 

Hugs and kisses accepted my dear! I got really emotional after reading these reviews so i thought i might share them with you. And i hope you can see that this diet really works fast and efficient.

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Thank you