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GM diet indian version – General Motors diet for indians

3-week-diet-resultsGM diet Indian version

The GM diet is really popular in India because the people of this country are really into vegetarian food choices and they like to keep healthy all the time.
Many women choose this diet as their favorite  because it helps them shed weight really fast so they can keep an ongoing steady mostly vegan regime and not get overweight.


The indian version of the GM diet does not vary too much from the original one and it could be a fun variation even from people that are not from India.

Some people say it is even more efficient than the normal diet but a little more harsh for the inexperienced ones.

Original GM diet vs Indian GM

Even though the diets are pretty much the same until about the third day, things start to change a bit from there, as this type of diet presumablyIndian GM diet chef requires a substitute for the beef in the meal plan.

So what is the best substitute for beef in this case?

Definitely some cottage cheese would do the trick.It is nutritious, really high in protein and can be found in any supermarket so it makes for a perfect substitute.

Another really healthy choice for the Indian diet would be fish instead of beef, or even fish combined with some cottage cheese. Because fish contains a lot of omega 3 you will become even healthier, along with your brain and heart.

Some other healthy protein rich foods?

Because you will require a lot of iron after the 3 days of diet it is necessary to eat kidney beans, soy, tofu along with some spinach and bean sprouts if you like, just pick a few and replace the beef in the diet with these foods for maximum efficiency.

Why do i insist on consuming the right amount of protein?  Because it helps you shed fat more quickly. While metabolising protein your organism uses up more calories than let’s say carbs.And so you can even take a protein supplement like whey protein to help this.

GM Indian version plan per days 


Before you begin, please note that there is an even better diet out there if you want to stick to it. But it takes 3 weeks.

Click the image for it


If you are curious to try some Indian recipes we have a few healthy ones that fit perfectly with the GM diet regime.

As i mentioned before there is not a big difference between the actual standard GM diet and the indian variation of it so here are a few advices for each day to follow:

Indian Gm diet Day 1– Asian Fruit delight

  • The same principle remains so that you will need to only eat fruits for the entire day
  • You can choose a wide variety of fruits(except bananas)
  • For the indian diet it is recommended to pick some more exotical fruits
  • Eat Asian pears, avocado, Buddha’s Hand(this is a fruit, not an actual hand) :-)

Indian GM diet Day 2 – Vegetable Shaolin

  • You can eat any indian specific vegetables along with the occidental veggies
  • Remember to drink a lot of water, 10 to 12 glasses each day
  • Eat one potato in the morning and try not to eat another starchy  vegetable, just that one medium potatoe, for the sake of healthy carbohydrates

Indian GM diet Day 3 – Fruits and vegetables diet all the way

  • This is the day when you can combine any fruits and vegetables together, but remember to eat fruits before eating vegetables(about half an hour or so)
  • Drink even more water 12 + glasses

Indian GM diet Day 4 – Healthy banana shake and milk

  • It is the same as in the normal  diet and now things start to get much easier thanks to the delicious Banana Shake 
  • Along with Bananas and milk it is recommended to eat vegetable soup
  • One great soup to work perfectly with the GM plan is The GM wonder soup
  • For the indian folower you can replace the skim milk with with yogurt

Indian GM diet Day 5 – Tomatoes, brown rice and cottage cheese

  • This is the day where you must substitute the beef with other healthy protein rich foods like brown rice, cottage cheese and soy bean curds

Indian GM diet Day 6 – Brown rice and vegetables + some more not beefy protein

  • Again cottage cheese is recommended along with fish 
  • Brown rice with vegetables should be the main ingredients for this day
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and don’t even think of eating potatoes

Indian GM diet Day 7 – Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices

  • Fruit juice must be consumed along with 10 + glasses of water
  • Unlimited amounts of brown rice, vegetables  and fruits may be consumed

If you like this Indian variation of the original GM diet please don’t forget to share this with your friends and tell them how awesome is this diet that you follow right now!