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GM diet day 2 – Vegetable ninja cleansing – Best vegetable diet


Caution! This Awesome diet will make you a GM ninja :-)

Gm diet day 2, the second phase of the cleansing process engaged.If you have made it past day one then we can safely say you have the potential to finish the diet.

At this step you will want to regulate the sugar intake from day one and consume as many fibers as you can. This means the entire day will be dedicated to vegetables only(including green leafy vegetables and starchy crops).

Ninja Vegetable Attack

This should not scare you! The attack is targeting the bad fats in your system and will make you feel lighter.THAT’s how ninjas work!ninja vegetables help diet

For the entire day you will eat only vegetables, but this time the menu will be a little bit more consistent thanks to the starchy foods, especially Mr. Potato :-)

If you want to prepare in advance for this day you should know that by drinking the 10 glasses of water and sticking to the day 1 plan entirely there is nothing to worry about.

As a reminder, for day 1 you had bananas restricted from the foods you could eat, but this time you can eat whatever vegetable you want and it is necessarily that you eat a potato in the morning to keep your energy levels high.

Factors Rating
Challenging   (5 / 5)
Recommended Lots of Water.  Baked potatos
Avoid  Oil and Fruit Juice


  •  You need to avoid oil as much as possible, if you want to use some fat for the potato please choose  100% natural butter.
  • Also, do not eat fruits at all.You don’t want any more sugar in your diet right now.

GM diet meal plan for day 2 (suggestions)

Breakfast- Gimme’ Da Potato

Start with a well deserved baked potato with a pat of butter on top. That’s because you are not allowed to use any kind of oil.If you want to try something else there are the option to choose a more tropical option like casava or even a sweet potato.


Consuming light vegetables like  lettuce,cabbage or cucumber is the best choice .Also salads with only extra virgin olive oil dressing will make for  a good low caloric intake meal.

Dinner time

You are allowed to consume any combination of vegetables from lettuce and broccoli to carrots and cucumbers, but remember that boiled beets  may be a little to heavy for the stomach.

Healthy snacks and beverages for the little ninja apprentice

The best snacks for this day are obviously light vegetables like cherry tomatoes and boiled cabbage if you want to maintain a light stomach.As beverages go full water, about 10 glasses a day and don’t even try to think you can drink alcohol or else your body will be filled with empty calories and make you puffy.That’s not good for a ninja.

Time of the day Menu
Breakfast (8:00 -8:30 AM) a cup of boiled potato with 2 glasses of water
Mid morning Snack (10:00 -11:00 AM) one bowl of red lettuce and 2 glasses of water
Lunch assassination(12:00-1:30 PM) 1 cucumber/ 1 tomato / boiled beet and two glasses of water
Snack in the afternoon(4:30-5:00 PM) 2 tomatoes or 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 1 glass of water
Dinnerkill (7:30-8:00 PM) Boiled broccoli/ cauliflower and asparagus with  spices and 2 glasses of water

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