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How to get six pack abs – truth revealed

Is there an easy way to get a six pack?

fake six pack abs If you have a nice fence at home anything should be possible, but seriously now if you don’t want to be one of the guys on the left you should prepare mentally to overcome some serious laziness and get to work.

All the commercials at TV that sell wonder machines that can work your abs without any effort at all are just ridiculously  unrealistic and dumb, as are the people that buy them!

There is no fast and easy way through this, but there is what i call the fastest and that requires a lot of work, dedication and nutritional knowledge.

I will try to compress in this article as much information as i can for you to get the most important facts ready, but remember that you need to take action, not only mentally masturbate with information 😀


Can i get an 8 pack if i train harder?

I’m sorry to disappoint but this part depends on genetics, but if you can’t see your abs yet there is no way to really know, you may be a mutant with a well hidden 10 pack.

There is however a chance by getting a really well developed and ripped lower abdomen to create the impression of an 8 pack.

The exact steps you need to follow for a perfect pair of abs

step 1.Know your body type 

Firstly we need to have different approaches for different types of bodies. We all know people differ one from each-other and this being said I am going to introduce you to the three main somatotypes:

different body types

The ectomorph: has a fast metabolism and gains weight and fat really hard.

The endomorph : the other extreme of the body types.Gains weight the fastest because of a slow metabolism and stores fat easy.

The mesomorph : The medium sized person who is more muscular than the ectomorph but still not fat as the endomorph.
So what body type are you?

The body scale above is only a guide so that you can position yourself relative to a scale.
I like to separate people in two extreme categories so we can focus on what each one really needs for getting six pack abs.

Abdominal type 1( skinny and flat abs)

You are stupefied because you have no idea why your abs won’t show even if your fat percentage is really low.

This type of body is closest to the Ectomorph and the reason for your abs not showing is that they don’t have any mass!

Abdominal type 2( too much fat for abs to show)

You are  so fat that even if you have big abdominal muscles they can’t be seen. The solution to this is simple if you do actually have the abs hidden somewhere below all that fat.

Abdominal type 3( too much fat and no abs underneath)

To see if you do actually have abs formed you should check for yourself if there is any hard “bumpy” part bellow the fat layer.

If you can’t find nothing you probably don’t have the abs developed that much and need to train the muscle too for the 3d effect after you get the fat down.

step 2. 

Now you need to take action correspondingly to what your body type is and revise your diet completely.

skinny guy no absFor the skinny and no abs type you will need to increase your muscle mass in the abdominal area for the abs to show up:

First you need to increase the number of calories that you eat to promote muscle growth. You can calculate your caloric needs for mass gaining at this link : caloric counter

Also you need to get more protein in your diet.If you want to know how much  follow the link above.

Secondly   you have to train your abs at the gym or at home so that your muscle breaks and hurts the next day.

Next you have to rest enough to enable the absorption of nutrients in your muscle and  for protein synthesis.

Smart advice: Before going to bed at night eat ~ 200 g of cottage cheese to increase the protein synthesis during your sleep.


Remember not to train abs everyday because they need at least one day of rest to recover.
Below are a few videos to help you with the exercising routine at home.

This is an amazing 8 minutes period exercise routine video:

Now let’s get to the other body type:

funny fat guy

If you are fat or chubby the only way to get to a six pack is by getting the fat down.

Firstly you  need to decrease your caloric intake and change your diet completely.

Use this caloric calculator to get your  daily caloric need and then subtract 500 Cal from the total to get approximately the amount you need to consume daily for weight loss.

Secondly you have to do a lot of cardio exercise to quicken you metabolism and burn supplementary callories.

You can also use supplements like Green Tea and Acetyl L-Carnitine to help a lot with the fat burning process.

After you loose weight you should see your abs comming, if that doesn’t happen it means you don’t have developed you abs enough and need to add more mass to them.

For this process you need to follow the steps  for the skinny guy with no abs and build some mass to dem abs 😀