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Final GM diet day-best Juice and brown rice diet


gmdiet3week-indian-transformationCongratulations Gm diet follower!

IF you are one of the few that made it to the end then i applaud you and hope you have succeeded in loosing some weight and feeling better.

By now significant changes can be found in your body.You are slimmer and even your sleep has improved in a way( more tired at night and fresh in the morning).The digestive system, skin and brain are all thankful for your decision to follow the GM way.


Let the Juices flow- last GM diet daydiet brow rice vegetables

I am not saying you should go to the toilet right now. :-)  But rather that you are now allowed to drink fruit juice of any type(as many colors as possible).The fun factor in this approach is that you can combine any tie of fruits together and make your special shake.

Besides a lot of fruit juice you will need to eat vegetables for the necessary fibers paired with medium amounts of brown rice.

If you don’t enjoy eating brown rice there is no big problem because you only need to eat a cup or two, necessary for the fiber and energy levels restoration.

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GM diet  day 7

Factors Rating
Challenging      (2 / 5)
Recommended Lots of Water.  watermelon/apples
Avoid Oil



At this time you will need long time release carbohydrates so i suggest you to eat a good bowl of rice.If you want to save the brown rice for lunch another option would be watermelon and papaya with a few glasses of water.


If you have had the brown rice in the morning now is time for a dish made entirely of vegetables and a slice or two of mango/watermelon.If you haven’t had brown rice in the morning now you can eat it with raw vegetables.


Choose one:

  • brown rice with vegetables (might be a little to heavy for the stomach)
  • only vegetables at your choice ( many dieters pick this option for better results)


Between meals you should be eating  allot of fruits, drink a lot of water and fruit juice.Berries have extraordinary antioxidant effects and are really good for your health combined with strawberries(no cream).


For more recipes visit your recipe page.

Pick a day in the GM plan diet if you are not on the last day of it:

In the final GM diet day you should workout as hard as you can to burn a lot of calories and help boost the metabolism even more, this will make sure you will not gain weight in the following days while not on diet.