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GM diet indian version – General Motors diet for indians

3-week-diet-resultsGM diet Indian version

The GM diet is really popular in India because the people of this country are really into vegetarian food choices and they like to keep healthy all the time.

However, if you really want to go on an even better diet check out the 3 week diet!
Many women choose this diet as their favorite  because it helps them shed weight really fast so they can keep an ongoing steady mostly vegan regime and not get overweight.


The indian version of the GM diet does not vary too much from the original one and it could be a fun variation even from people that are not from India.

Some people say it is even more efficient than the normal diet but a little more harsh for the inexperienced ones.

Original GM diet vs Indian GM

Even though the diets are pretty much the same until about the third day, things start to change a bit from there, as this type of diet presumablyIndian GM diet chef requires a substitute for the beef in the meal plan.

So what is the best substitute for beef in this case?

Definitely some cottage cheese would do the trick.It is nutritious, really high in protein and can be found in any supermarket so it makes for a perfect substitute.

Another really healthy choice for the Indian diet would be fish instead of beef, or even fish combined with some cottage cheese. Because fish contains a lot of omega 3 you will become even healthier, along with your brain and heart.

Some other healthy protein rich foods?

Because you will require a lot of iron after the 3 days of diet it is necessary to eat kidney beans, soy, tofu along with some spinach and bean sprouts if you like, just pick a few and replace the beef in the diet with these foods for maximum efficiency.

Why do i insist on consuming the right amount of protein?  Because it helps you shed fat more quickly. While metabolising protein your organism uses up more calories than let’s say carbs.And so you can even take a protein supplement like whey protein to help this.

GM Indian version plan per days 


Before you begin, please note that there is an even better diet out there if you want to stick to it. But it takes 3 weeks.

Click the image for it


If you are curious to try some Indian recipes we have a few healthy ones that fit perfectly with the GM diet regime.

As i mentioned before there is not a big difference between the actual standard GM diet and the indian variation of it so here are a few advices for each day to follow:

Indian Gm diet Day 1– Asian Fruit delight

  • The same principle remains so that you will need to only eat fruits for the entire day
  • You can choose a wide variety of fruits(except bananas)
  • For the indian diet it is recommended to pick some more exotical fruits
  • Eat Asian pears, avocado, Buddha’s Hand(this is a fruit, not an actual hand) 🙂

Indian GM diet Day 2 – Vegetable Shaolin

  • You can eat any indian specific vegetables along with the occidental veggies
  • Remember to drink a lot of water, 10 to 12 glasses each day
  • Eat one potato in the morning and try not to eat another starchy  vegetable, just that one medium potatoe, for the sake of healthy carbohydrates

Indian GM diet Day 3 – Fruits and vegetables diet all the way

  • This is the day when you can combine any fruits and vegetables together, but remember to eat fruits before eating vegetables(about half an hour or so)
  • Drink even more water 12 + glasses

Indian GM diet Day 4 – Healthy banana shake and milk

  • It is the same as in the normal  diet and now things start to get much easier thanks to the delicious Banana Shake 
  • Along with Bananas and milk it is recommended to eat vegetable soup
  • One great soup to work perfectly with the GM plan is The GM wonder soup
  • For the indian folower you can replace the skim milk with with yogurt

Indian GM diet Day 5 – Tomatoes, brown rice and cottage cheese

  • This is the day where you must substitute the beef with other healthy protein rich foods like brown rice, cottage cheese and soy bean curds

Indian GM diet Day 6 – Brown rice and vegetables + some more not beefy protein

  • Again cottage cheese is recommended along with fish 
  • Brown rice with vegetables should be the main ingredients for this day
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and don’t even think of eating potatoes

Indian GM diet Day 7 – Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices

  • Fruit juice must be consumed along with 10 + glasses of water
  • Unlimited amounts of brown rice, vegetables  and fruits may be consumed

If you like this Indian variation of the original GM diet please don’t forget to share this with your friends and tell them how awesome is this diet that you follow right now!


Top 3 best diets in the world


Best 3 diets in the world(besides GM diet)

This is a big claim and i think many of you may not agree, but this is strictly my opinion and even though you may not feel the same i am sure there is enough valuable information here to satisfy you. In this top of 10 the GM diet is not included because i wanted to be impartial, even though i would probably put it No. 1 

How are the top diets reviewed?


The main qualities behind a good diet are safety, efficiency and how easy it is for one to follow the diet plan.Of course there are other factors like health benefits and detox proprieties that are as important as the rest.

The perfect diet for you is not the same for everybody so you need to do some research before judging a diet by only your experiences.

The main factor that inhibits the weight loss and diet efficiency is the fact that not many people fully respect the diet requirements or have delusional expectations.

1.Dash Diet

This diet was developed to fight high blood pressure but it seems a lot of experts recommend it for weight loss and also because it is really safe for the follower.

Factors Rating
Weight Loss Short-term
Weight Loss Long-term
Easy to Follow
For Diabetes
For Heart Health

Pros and cons for this diet

  • pro dietHealthy for the heart
  • pro dietVery nutritional
  • cons of dietLots of grunt work
  • cons of dietNot that affordable for everyone (price wise )

How does the dash diet work?

If you want complete info for this diet before you start, you should read this pdf here: DASH diet pdf.

You need to go sort of vegetarian with this diet and because it is not that harsh you can go easy on it. For a 2000 cal/day diet plan you need to shoot for:

  • 6 servings of grains
  • 4 each of veggies and fruit
  • 2-3 of low-fat dairy
  • 6 or fewer of lean meat, poultry, and fish, with one serving being equivalent to an ounce
  • 5 (per week) of nuts, seeds, and legumes
  • 2 of fats and oils
  • 5 or fewer (a week) of sweets(home made ones)

How can you loose weight faster?

You need to follow the rules strictly and if you really want to shed some weight you need to have a calorie deficit in your diet.(this is a general that works with almost any diet plan).

Are there any health risks?
Your NameYour Name

No, this diet is really safe, but if you have some heart disease then you should check you doctor to see if the diet is right for you to follow.

How much is the cost?

Fresh fruits, veggies and whole-grain products are usually pricier than the processed unhealthy foods most Americans consume so you need to reserve a little bit more money for when you decide to stick to the diet.

Is exercise recommended?

Exercise goes really well with this diet and will help you loose weight at much faster rates, so if you want to be healthy and feel results you should check the best exercises for any diet.



2.TLC diet

TLC comes from therapeutic life changes and is a really solid diet plan created by the National Institute of Health it has almost no weaknesses and it is really good at promoting cardiovascular health, but it requires you to spend some time preparing the foods recommended in this plan and reading all sorts of labels on your own.

Factors Rating
Weight Loss Short-term
Weight Loss Long-term
Easy to Follow
For Diabetes
For Heart Health

Pros and cons for this diet

  • pro dietAlso Healthy for the heart
  • pro dietGovernment recommended diet
  • cons of dietYou have to do it on your own
  • cons of dietMust decode all the strange nutritional labels for yourself

How does the TLC diet work?

To start this diet properly you need to do some research first and find exactly how many calories your body requires per day.

If you want to lower the cholesterol then the goal is 2,500 per day for men and 1,800 for women

Do you need to shed pounds too? Then choose a lower calorie intake, about 1,600 for men and 1,200 for women

You also need to :

  • cut saturated fat to under 6% of your daily calories (that means to not eat any fat diary or fat meals like butter and salami)
  • consume no morethan 200 mg of dietary cholesterol each day(that is about the amount in 2 ounces of cheese

On TLC, you will need to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, also whole grains, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, fishand poultry(without the skin).The main problem is that you have to decide what to eat and make your own guidelines to respect the daily caloric and fat intake for your goals.

How to loose weight faster?

By reducing the fats considerably.That means don’t even think of consuming unhealthy fats anymore, only extravirgin olive oil, almonds and avocados are recommended in small quantities for maintaining a proper health.

Are there any health risks?

The TLC diet is really safe even for children and it is even recommended as a permanent solution for a better and healthier lifestyle.

How much is the cost?

It is really not that expensive and it requires not that much financial investment than the usual grocery shopping, so a really safe, long term and cheap diet to follow.

How much exercise with this diet?

The diet program requires about 30 minutes or more per day of moderately-intense exercise.The protein intake is pretty big so you can afford any type of exercise routine, including swimming which is a great way of toning your muscles and loosing weight.

3. Mediterranean Diet

With all the health benefits of light eating this diet is the perfect choise that will help you loose weight and feel healthy by eating mostrly vegetables, olive oil, fish, and sea food.

Factors Rating
Weight Loss Short-term
Weight Loss Long-term
Easy to Follow
For Diabetes
For Heart Health

Pros and cons for this diet

  • pro dietHighly nutritional
  • pro dietTasty and healthy food diversity and flavours
  • cons of dietNot that easy to prepare tasty food
  • cons of dietModerate price tags

How does the Mediterranean diet work?

This diet is actually not a well defined diet because the eating habits vary from country to country.For example in Italy there is an emphasis on eating more pasta and in Greece the olive oil is the most important thing in the menu.

But there is actually a common understanding of what a Mediterranean diet actually consists off.

The best way to show this is a graphic interpretation of the Mediterranean food pyramid that will help you understand what are the bases of the food

Food pyramid

Mediterranean pyramid


This particular diet emphases eating a few main types of aliments:

  • veggies
  • whole grains
  • beans
  • nuts
  • legumes
  • olive oil
  • flavorful herbs and spices
  • fish and seafood at least a couple of times a week
  • poultry, eggs, cheese, and yogurt(greek yogurt) in moderation
  • remember to save sweets and red meat for special occasions

But will this diet help me lose weight?

Again the main concern in the process of loosing weight and becoming fit is to reduce the caloric intake below that of your recommended maximum.

If you want to see how much calories you need to consume per day to lose weight please check out our Daily Caloric counter tool


Are there any health risks?

This diet is really safe and can be used the entire life to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is recommended even for seniors and children.

How much is the cost?

The cost of this diet is medium, but you can make some economy in buying cheaper food.Yet that does not mean you should pick quantity over quality.And remember to choose only bio food, not processed one.

Is exercise required?

Of course it is, even more so if you really want to lose weight and get fit.Swimming is recommended, just for the sake of keeping the Sea theme of the entire diet.

Gm diet plan – General Motors diet program


What is the GM diet?

The GM diet plan was created by a group of nutritionists for the General Motors employees to help them loose weight fast and maintain their health like no other diet could. Now it’s your turn to experience this amazing change and feel better than ever!

<—-Here’s the longer term 3 week solution for an extreme makeover!

There are hundreds of diets out there that promise fast weight loss but they prove inefficient. The General Motors on the other hand has to offer a big surprise and that being it can help you shed up to 17 Lbs of fat in one week.

If you want to see proof of testimonials and reviews you should check out the reviews page.
Because it was made for the General Motors company the diet is accredited by many nutritionists as being one of the safest .Also because of the gradual food alternation you are guaranteed to lose from 10 to 17 lbs in a week(as many studies suggest)

Who was this diet made for?

First off you want to check a few products that can help you in your weight loss journey

The history of the GM diet goes back to the moment when the General Motors company invested in developing the perfect 7 day diet to keep their employees in the maximum shape.

The results were astonishing. All of them lost from 10 to 17 lbs (4 to 7 kg) or even more in just one week!

gm diet and sport results- before and after

Diet and exercise can transform you in the best you

Because of its effectiveness this became fast a worldwide trend and people got really excited by the numerous success stories and the automated health benefits that came after following the plan.

Does the GM diet really work?

There has never been a case where a tested subject that followed the specific meal plan  hasn’t succeed in losing over 10 lbs of weight.

People say that this is a pretty difficult diet to follow but if you follow the basic dieting tips you will be OK.

I tried the diet myself… and i got deeply in love! I am now doing the entire 7 day plan  each month and the weight lost and health benefits are simply amazing.

Also remember that health is also a thing of the mind, so if you want to have a healthy soul, feed it with beauty. For example, make a habit of watching beautiful pictures of the sun every day like these 29 beautiful sunsets captured by drone. Enjoy your hobbies, embrace new things like technology and make sure you use it for personal developement.

gm diet for indians

If you are from India this is the perfect diet choice because you can also try the alternative version to the diet specially made for you


Regular diet vs GM

1.Other diets will help you loose only about 1 Lbs of fat Vs the 10 Lbs of the GM

But, if you look for a more long term solution, with better results, check out the transformation on the left!




2.Some will drain you out but this one will charge you with energy

3.Most other regimes are too long  vs only the 7 days with this one

4.There are 3 versions of the diet including indian one and vegetarian version

Why is it special? While normal loss strategies  can help you lose at most 1 lbs a week, the gm diet can help in reducing 10 lbs of fat for the same amount of time.The diet system involves consuming specific foods each day and alternating the caloric intake so that the metabolism gets faster in time and even after the diet program is over you will find it harder to gain weight.

The effectiveness of the GM diet needs to be backed up by some form of exercise if you want to maximize the positive fat burning effects.

It is not only efficient, but also really healthy and fun.Other diets may help you loose weight equivalent to about 5 lbs in 7 days,  nowhere near GM.

Do’s and dont’s

  • no alcohol during this  7 day period
  • drink lots of water ( 10 glasses/day recommended)
  • Don’t repeat this diet without an interval of a few days

 Main diet objectives checklist

Here’s a comparison between results of the GM diet and the improved 3 week diet!


If you want to follow the GM plan strictly this is what you should keep as your main goals:

  • a quick way to shed extra pounds 
  • getting healthy and enjoy a great way of detoxification
  • become more fit after a few diet sessions combined with regular exercise
  • prevent lots of diseases  caused by excess weight like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and many more

This is where you start your journey !

Please choose day one if you want to begin the diet and stick to it.

Advice: Bookmark this page so that you can check each day and make fun of my excuses for funny titles

Before charging into action please check the really important Preparation stage

Motivation bonus! If you finish the  challenge you get a special prize.

If you have already finished the diet once and don’t know what to do next, please go here.

But, are there any side effects?

Let’s admit it… a few vegetables and fruits won’t do any harm, but..

There is no way  to know how your body will react to a sudden change in regime and you are the only one  responsible for whatever happens during this diet . If you will not go through the  period of preparation you could experience sudden muscle weakness  caused by the lack of protein in the first few days

But the chances of such a thing to happen are really low and you should not worry that much. In fact you risk more by not engaging the GM diet because this might actually help to change your life and even kill depression if done correctly.

The best : GM detox diet

You should know that thanks to the cleansing propreties of the diet your entire organism will have a benefit from it and not only that, it will help you shed pounds faster even after the plan is over.

Please remember to share this amazing GM diet with all your friends and help them  out!