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What is the best workout for diet


For faster weight loss exercise correctly

If you are following any diet( GM diet included) you should know that by exercising you will increase the amount the calories you burn while in the same time increasing the metabolism and improving your immunitary system overall. But remember it is crucial to exercise in the correct way.

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What are the best weight loss exercise programs?

wight loss amberYou can of course go at the gym and and pay a personal trainer but that will cost you many hundreds of dollars and the help will be only for as much as you pay him.

I found a much, much better solution for myself that i am going to share with you that will give you all the necessary training without paying a dime for an instructor.

You have a ton of exercises and routines explained with videos, images and all the guidance you need in the 51 workout  Finishers program.

But how about gaining lean muscle while on diet? 

The fact is you can really get your muscles pump up and increase in mass even more during a diet than normally, that is mostly because while following a diet like the General Motors one or a paleo aproach you will increase your protein intake and with the perfect training plan you will build serious muscles in a few weeks.

I must say that there is no other best solution for muscle gain than following the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. Besides a ton of training on the subject of how to perform exercises and how tot train correctly you will also gain a great program to calculate all your meals and protein intakes. This is the ultimate resource so be careful not to become a beast!

Remember: Before exercise don’t do warm up exercises! GO for stretching( Yoga is perfect).

I bet now you want to check more myths and facts about diet and exercise so that you will not do the same mistake again.

Healthy Body and Mind( Yoga NO stress!)


The main benefit of Yoga exercise routines are the strong connection that develops between body and mind.

This is because your  concentration during the exercises make you enter a focused state of meditation and calmness that greatly help reduce stress.

It is often said that if you do Yoga the right way you can even reach nirvana and be able to truly live in the moment

Three Simple and Effective Yoga Exercises

1.Standing Forward Bend

SimpleYoga exercises

Standing forward bend


Exhale and fold over your legs into a forward bend

If the hamstrings feel a little tight at first, bend the knees so that you can release your spine

Let the head hang heavy and don’t strain you neck

Slowly straighten the legs if you like but keep the head hanging

The feet can be touching or hip distance apart, whatever you are comfortable with

2.Garland Pose

Yoga exercies Pose for Diet

Garland Pose

Move your feet out to the edges of your mat and bend your knees then coming into a squat.

Toes may turn out if necessary.

If your heels do not reach the floor, take a rolled up blanket under them.

This is a position that is quite natural for children but we lose the track for it as adults.

It’s really great for hips and to counteract the effects of too much sitting in chairs and riding in cars while straitening your back.


3.Plank Pose

Yoga exercise Plank for GM Diet

Plank Pose

Start with  the classic preparation for a push-up.

Stay five slow breaths here while making sure that your hips do not drop too low or rise too high.

If your elbows tend to extend, bend them tighter . Bring your knees down if necessary. After five to ten slow breaths release your knees to the mat and come back to sit on your heels and then rest for a moment.

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Best supplements for any diet | supplement you diet

What are the best dietary supplements?

If you want to truly maximize the diets weight loss potential or just want to feel healthier, supplements are the solution for you.

If you have issues like diabetes, you should check with your doctor first. But keep in mind, that you can actually cure diabetes if you do the proper things.

When losing weight, first of all you have to empty your mind. My favorite way to do it is removing the pressure by shopping the things I most want in my life.


Below i will list the most beneficial supplements that you can take for maximum weight loss and for keeping your health at the highest levels possible.

On the internet you can find a huge variety of supplements that claim to make your problem disappear over night, but the real answer is you have to combine them with diet and exercises.


Why is fiber good for you?

Fiber can be found mostly in vegetables , wholegrain products and fruits.We can safely say that fiber consumption is the best way to cleanse your body and loose weight faster.

Fibers will help with colon problems and can clean the entire digestive tract if  consumed properly with a lot of water.

If you want to help your body even more you can buy some natural fiber supplements from any health store or online.


Is whey protein a good supplement for a diet?

This supplement is great for any diet if consumed in medium quantities and if taken after your exercise routine.Protein powder supplement

Protein actually helps you shed the fat and get toned muscles. Whey protein contains a selection of the most nutritional amino acids that will help you health maintain even if the diet is not reach in protein.

Remember! Protein helps you loose fat and become fit.

This list with the best supplements will be updated soon and you will have a complete resource of information in that regard.

Final GM diet day-best Juice and brown rice diet


gmdiet3week-indian-transformationCongratulations Gm diet follower!

IF you are one of the few that made it to the end then i applaud you and hope you have succeeded in loosing some weight and feeling better.

By now significant changes can be found in your body.You are slimmer and even your sleep has improved in a way( more tired at night and fresh in the morning).The digestive system, skin and brain are all thankful for your decision to follow the GM way.


Let the Juices flow- last GM diet daydiet brow rice vegetables

I am not saying you should go to the toilet right now. 🙂  But rather that you are now allowed to drink fruit juice of any type(as many colors as possible).The fun factor in this approach is that you can combine any tie of fruits together and make your special shake.

Besides a lot of fruit juice you will need to eat vegetables for the necessary fibers paired with medium amounts of brown rice.

If you don’t enjoy eating brown rice there is no big problem because you only need to eat a cup or two, necessary for the fiber and energy levels restoration.

Gm diet day 4 – Milky wet Banana – best banana diet

3-week-diet-resultsGM diet day 4 half way

In the fourth day of the diet you will see that the plan is full of surprises and new guests that were not invited until now.

Remember that until now your body has been cleansed and it adjusted to the new sudden change in diet and is slowly but safely getting used to the new dietary content .

[/row]Until now the body has already gained all the necessary sugars and fibers from the fruits and vegetables provided in the previous days.And there is probably no real urge to eat that banana because your body already has a sustained appetite and doesn’t feel the urge for more sugar.

Bananas and The Milky Way 🙂

As i mentioned before at this point in time you will not be so much attracted to eat many bananas but most of the diet testers reportedmilk and banana diet an increased desire for being healthy, doing sports and also a general feel of clearness and focus.

By introducing the banana and milk to the diet the body will be able to recuperate the lack of potassium and sodium you may have missed the past 3 days.You will be surprised how easy this day will go.

General Motors soup recipe

The other secret ingredient is the magical GM soup that works wonders and that tastes delicious if you prepare it carefully.

The meal plan will require you to eat this soup, so i will provide you with a guide on how to prepare GM soup.

Factors Rating
Challenging    (1 / 5)
Recommended Lots of Water.  Bananas. Soup and milk
Avoid Oil and Fruit Juice (also avoid salt)

Check a better but 3 week diet! This has the ultimate results! And you can do it over and over!



GM diet meal plan suggestions for day 4

Breakfast – milk soaked banana

Start the day with a glass of warm milk and a banana(some people prefer to cut the banana in little slices, put it in a bowl and pour milk over, like instead of cereal).

The diet recommends using skim milk because regular milk would be too heavy on the stomach, but my advice is to get natural 100% organic milk because the skim milk has no nutrients whatsoever and has a much higher glicemic value.


This meal consists of a large bowl of vegetable soup.This does not mean you have to make the GM soup, even though it would be awesome for your body. You can make your own soup according to what you like most. Maybe choose a tomato soup or a cabbage stew as they are full of natural flavors and nutrients.

Dinner time

This is where you have to choose:

  • you can eat a large bowl of soup by itself
  • or eat the soup plus a banana shake  ( this can be to much to handle for your stomach, but if you are really hungry there is no choice)

Healthy snacks between meals

It is highly recommended to eat a banana shake every time you are hungry between meals so that you keep the nutrient restoring process active.


Time of the day Menu
Breakfast (8:00 -8:30 AM) a Banana with a glass of warm milk
Mid morning Snack (10:00 -11:00 AM) banana shake
Lunch assassination(12:00-1:30 PM) large bowl of vegetable soup/GM soup
Snack in the afternoon(4:30-5:00 PM) Banana shake
Dinnerkill (7:30-8:00 PM) Vegetable soup alone or soup + banana milkshake


Please choose one of the days below if you want to check the GM diet plan for it:

Congratulations for making it this far in the diet! I guarantee you will finish it because from now on things are getting even easier.Currently, in the Gm diet day 4 you have finished  the cleansing processes and continue to the next steps the will help you loose even more fat.

GM diet day 3 – Attack of the Fructo veggies -fruit and vegetable diet

betterGM diet day 3- fruit and vegetables

From now on you will find the GM meal plan to be easier to handle. The hardest(day 2) has passed and now things start to mix up.

For this challenge you will be allowed to eat fruits and vegetables in any combination, but even now you must not eat bananas.


Say goodbye to Mr. Potato

Now that you are allowed to eat both fruits and vegetables there is no need for potato anymore thanks to  carbohydrates from the cartoon veggies vs fruitsfruits.Your system is now fully prepared to shed excess pounds even though you will still have cravings, but they should diminish by day 4.

As you can see the banana restriction is still in place…but just wait for day’re in for a surprise.

Remember not to drink any fruit juice until day 7 because that will get too much sugar in your blood and the diet will not take effect.

GM diet day 2 – Vegetable ninja cleansing – Best vegetable diet


Caution! This Awesome diet will make you a GM ninja 🙂

Gm diet day 2, the second phase of the cleansing process engaged.If you have made it past day one then we can safely say you have the potential to finish the diet.

At this step you will want to regulate the sugar intake from day one and consume as many fibers as you can. This means the entire day will be dedicated to vegetables only(including green leafy vegetables and starchy crops).

Ninja Vegetable Attack

This should not scare you! The attack is targeting the bad fats in your system and will make you feel lighter.THAT’s how ninjas work!ninja vegetables help diet

For the entire day you will eat only vegetables, but this time the menu will be a little bit more consistent thanks to the starchy foods, especially Mr. Potato 🙂

If you want to prepare in advance for this day you should know that by drinking the 10 glasses of water and sticking to the day 1 plan entirely there is nothing to worry about.

As a reminder, for day 1 you had bananas restricted from the foods you could eat, but this time you can eat whatever vegetable you want and it is necessarily that you eat a potato in the morning to keep your energy levels high.

GM Diet day 1 – You and the fruits


Yay!GM diet day one!

At this moment in time you are uncomfortable with your body and your health is not even by far at its peak.In Gm diet day 1 you want to prepare psychologically for the big fat loss process that is going to come.

Keep in mind that the GM diet is not as easy as it looks and it can be a challenge even for the most dedicated of you.

If you want to follow a program with more results but 3 weeks and safer for health check this image on the left and click it!

The main factor that will help you is discipline  to stick to this amazing fast weight loss regimen that will free you of 10 to 17 lbs(5 -10 kg) in only 7 days.

Fruits are your best friends

For the first 24 hours of this diet followers are allowed to eat ONLY fruits.

BONUS TIP: If you manage to eat only cantaloupe and watermelon in this day you can loose up to 3 pounds until the end of the day.

Why is that? Fruits are  best at cleaning the entire digestive system and help increase the metabolic process.

Remember not to eat any foods that contain starch, potassium and carbohydrates, such as bananas. So ALL FRUITS except bananas bananas forbiden in the dietare acceptable and you must also drink a lot of water that helps the detoxification process a lot.

As a measure of preparation before starting the diet it is recommended to consume  starchy foods such as potatoes, oats and bananas the day before the targeted diet week  for the body to have enough complex carbohydrates.

If you want to maximize the diets effectiveness then you need to do some easier form of physical exercise. The best choice is to do daily warm-up exercises so that you increase your metabolic processes and help the weight reduction results at the end.

GM diet vegetarian


GM diet for vegetarians

The standard GM diet implies the consumption of meat after the 4th day and that may be not an option for many of you. Thankfully there is a solution that will help vegetarians and vegans to keep going all the 7 days of this amazing diet.

One of the most remarkable things concerning this vegetarian variation is that the weight loss process might actually be more effective thanks to the consumption of meatless foods.

However, it also requires adjustment depending on what type of metabolism you have. If you’re a an older woman who wants to regain her youth weight and beauty, check out how to activate your fat shrinking signal.

Vegetarian/vegan version of the GM diet

While the original diet was allowing you to eat beef this time we have to change the meat with something with approximately the same nutritional value that can help you restore the needed amounts of iron and protein in you body.

This diet is perfect for people with diabetes!

Yes it is true, but however you should consult your medic and be carefull with the insuline levels all the time.

If you want to get rid of diabetes forever i recommend you to try the revolutionary 100% safe Reverse your diabetes program.

For vegans you want to replace skimmed milk for something else like soy milk ,or even remove it entirely from the diet and replace it with fruits.

How should we prepare for this diet properly? 

If you are a vegetarian then the preparation step is not important because your body is already used to eating low fat foods and the change won’t be so dramatic. Remember that if you have just finished another diet have a period of rest for about 2 day so that you can restore the body sources of energy.

bruce lee wataaa
No alcohol before or while on the GM diet, this is valid for both vegetarians and standard followers.

Alcohol will inhibit the body capacity for detoxification  because you will produce more uric acid and the process of cleansing through diet will be greatly reduced in effectiveness.

Instead of alcohol you should consume a lot of water for a few days before and also on each day of diet to keep the detoxification process at it’s maximum and help you lose some weight. Water is a natural metabolic enhancer and will help you lose the extra pounds quickly.

Remember that during the diet you are not allowed to eat bread.

What are the substitutes for beef in the Vegetarian diet?

Brown rice is the best substitute for this diet  that will help you get the carbohydrates, proteins and iron needed after the cleansing period.

Another great replacement for meat is cottage cheese but some of you might be vegans and this might not be an option.

If you want to replace skimmed milk for something else then soy milk is the option for you.


Here is a great video with the 5 biggest mistakes you can do as a vegetarian:

The 7 day plan for vegetarian GM diet

This plan is customizable  and you can adjust the foods and tweak the eating plan until you are comfortable, but remember, if you want to loose weight you have to reduce your caloric intake.

If you want to get rid of diabetes forever i recommend you to try the revolutionary 100% safe Reverse your diabetes program.


Day 1 – Fruity love

  • You should stick to the initial plan for the GM diet and eat ONLY fruits for the entire day
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water(especially in summer) about 10 + glasses for cleansing the body inside out
  • Do NOT eat bananas

Day 2- Old vegan friends

  • This day is dedicated to the vegetables only and are allowed to eat any type of veggie 
  • Eat only a potato in the morning for the needed carbohydrates
  • Drink wataaa!

Day 3 – Fruits and veggies mix for the happy vegetarian 🙂

  • Eat only fruits and vegetables the entire day
  • don’t eat banana or potato
  • Return of the WATAAA!

Day 4 – Banana : shake the weight

  • Drink banana shakes ( obviously)  whenever possible
  • You can drink milk/ greek yogurt or choose a vegan approach and choose the soy milk
  • If you want to replace milk for something else then pick some healthy fruits and forget the milk

Day 5 – Brown rice, you are nice!

  • The nice brown rice will help you not only replenish the amounts of carbohydrates needed but also fulfill the need for protein
  • Eat tomatoes with brown rice for the added benefits of lycopene  and cleansing proprieties
  • One or two cups of rice are enough for the entire day(if you are hungry eat more tomatoes)

Day 6  – Brown rice and some veggies

  • eat only a cup of brown rice combined with vegetables for the entire day
  • eat as many veggies as possible

Day 7 – Let the juices flow!

  • Eat brown rice again(a cup) with vegetables
  • Drink fruit juice along with raw fruits
  • don’t eat bananas or potatoes

By the last day of this vegetarian diet you should have lost about 10 pounds if not more and you should feel a lot lighter

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