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What is the best workout for diet


For faster weight loss exercise correctly

If you are following any diet( GM diet included) you should know that by exercising you will increase the amount the calories you burn while in the same time increasing the metabolism and improving your immunitary system overall. But remember it is crucial to exercise in the correct way.

What are the best weight loss exercise programs?

wight loss amberYou can of course go at the gym and and pay a personal trainer but that will cost you many hundreds of dollars and the help will be only for as much as you pay him.

I found a much, much better solution for myself that i am going to share with you that will give you all the necessary training without paying a dime for an instructor.

You have a ton of exercises and routines explained with videos, images and all the guidance you need in the 51 workout  Finishers program. It will teach you about the afterburn effect and  how to look much more athletic and lean.

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But how about gaining lean muscle while on diet? 

The fact is you can really get your muscles pump up and increase in mass even more during a diet than normally, that is mostly because while following a diet like the General Motors one or a paleo aproach you will increase your protein intake and with the perfect training plan you will build serious muscles in a few weeks.

I must say that there is no other best solution for muscle gain than following the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. Besides a ton of training on the subject of how to perform exercises and how tot train correctly you will also gain a great program to calculate all your meals and protein intakes. This is the ultimate resource so be careful not to become a beast!

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Remember: Before exercise don’t do warm up exercises! GO for stretching( Yoga is perfect).

I bet now you want to check more myths and facts about diet and exercise so that you will not do the same mistake again.

Healthy Body and Mind( Yoga NO stress!)


The main benefit of Yoga exercise routines are the strong connection that develops between body and mind.

This is because your  concentration during the exercises make you enter a focused state of meditation and calmness that greatly help reduce stress.

It is often said that if you do Yoga the right way you can even reach nirvana and be able to truly live in the moment

Three Simple and Effective Yoga Exercises

1.Standing Forward Bend

SimpleYoga exercises

Standing forward bend


Exhale and fold over your legs into a forward bend

If the hamstrings feel a little tight at first, bend the knees so that you can release your spine

Let the head hang heavy and don’t strain you neck

Slowly straighten the legs if you like but keep the head hanging

The feet can be touching or hip distance apart, whatever you are comfortable with

2.Garland Pose

Yoga exercies Pose for Diet

Garland Pose

Move your feet out to the edges of your mat and bend your knees then coming into a squat.

Toes may turn out if necessary.

If your heels do not reach the floor, take a rolled up blanket under them.

This is a position that is quite natural for children but we lose the track for it as adults.

It’s really great for hips and to counteract the effects of too much sitting in chairs and riding in cars while straitening your back.


3.Plank Pose

Yoga exercise Plank for GM Diet

Plank Pose

Start with  the classic preparation for a push-up.

Stay five slow breaths here while making sure that your hips do not drop too low or rise too high.

If your elbows tend to extend, bend them tighter . Bring your knees down if necessary. After five to ten slow breaths release your knees to the mat and come back to sit on your heels and then rest for a moment.

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