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Gm diet plan – General Motors diet program


What is the GM diet?

The GM diet plan was created by a group of nutritionists for the General Motors employees to help them loose weight fast and maintain their health like no other diet could. Now it’s your turn to experience this amazing change and feel better than ever!

<—-Here’s the longer term 3 week solution for an extreme makeover!

There are hundreds of diets out there that promise fast weight loss but they prove inefficient. The General Motors on the other hand has to offer a big surprise and that being it can help you shed up to 17 Lbs of fat in one week.

If you want to see proof of testimonials and reviews you should check out the reviews page.
Because it was made for the General Motors company the diet is accredited by many nutritionists as being one of the safest .Also because of the gradual food alternation you are guaranteed to lose from 10 to 17 lbs in a week(as many studies suggest)

Who was this diet made for?

The history of the GM diet goes back to the moment when the General Motors company invested in developing the perfect 7 day diet to keep their employees in the maximum shape.

The results were astonishing. All of them lost from 10 to 17 lbs (4 to 7 kg) or even more in just one week!

gm diet and sport results- before and after

Diet and exercise can transform you in the best you

Because of its effectiveness this became fast a worldwide trend and people got really excited by the numerous success stories and the automated health benefits that came after following the plan.

Does the GM diet really work?

There has never been a case where a tested subject that followed the specific meal plan  hasn’t succeed in losing over 10 lbs of weight.

People say that this is a pretty difficult diet to follow but if you follow the basic dieting tips you will be OK.

I tried the diet myself… and i got deeply in love! I am now doing the entire 7 day plan  each month and the weight lost and health benefits are simply amazing.

gm diet for indians

If you are from India this is the perfect diet choice because you can also try the alternative version to the diet specially made for you


Regular diet vs GM

1.Other diets will help you loose only about 1 Lbs of fat Vs the 10 Lbs of the GM

But, if you look for a more long term solution, with better results, check out the transformation on the left!




2.Some will drain you out but this one will charge you with energy

3.Most other regimes are too long  vs only the 7 days with this one

4.There are 3 versions of the diet including indian one and vegetarian version

Why is it special? While normal loss strategies  can help you lose at most 1 lbs a week, the gm diet can help in reducing 10 lbs of fat for the same amount of time.The diet system involves consuming specific foods each day and alternating the caloric intake so that the metabolism gets faster in time and even after the diet program is over you will find it harder to gain weight.

The effectiveness of the GM diet needs to be backed up by some form of exercise if you want to maximize the positive fat burning effects.

It is not only efficient, but also really healthy and fun.Other diets may help you loose weight equivalent to about 5 lbs in 7 days,  nowhere near GM.

Do’s and dont’s

  • no alcohol during this  7 day period
  • drink lots of water ( 10 glasses/day recommended)
  • Don’t repeat this diet without an interval of a few days

 Main diet objectives checklist

Here’s a comparison between results of the GM diet and the improved 3 week diet!


If you want to follow the GM plan strictly this is what you should keep as your main goals:

  • a quick way to shed extra pounds 
  • getting healthy and enjoy a great way of detoxification
  • become more fit after a few diet sessions combined with regular exercise
  • prevent lots of diseases  caused by excess weight like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and many more

This is where you start your journey !

Please choose day one if you want to begin the diet and stick to it.

Advice: Bookmark this page so that you can check each day and make fun of my excuses for funny titles

Before charging into action please check the really important Preparation stage

Motivation bonus! If you finish the  challenge you get a special prize.

If you have already finished the diet once and don’t know what to do next, please go here.

But, are there any side effects?

Let’s admit it… a few vegetables and fruits won’t do any harm, but..

There is no way  to know how your body will react to a sudden change in regime and you are the only one  responsible for whatever happens during this diet . If you will not go through the  period of preparation you could experience sudden muscle weakness  caused by the lack of protein in the first few days

But the chances of such a thing to happen are really low and you should not worry that much. In fact you risk more by not engaging the GM diet because this might actually help to change your life and even kill depression if done correctly.

The best : GM detox diet

You should know that thanks to the cleansing propreties of the diet your entire organism will have a benefit from it and not only that, it will help you shed pounds faster even after the plan is over.

Please remember to share this amazing GM diet with all your friends and help them  out!